Dear Reader,

I have been inflicted with a compulsion to write. Catharsis or neurosis, I hope that this allonymous journal will help to satiate the polemic belligerence that oppresses my soul. If I should be fortunate enough to produce something worthwhile as the byproduct of my raving, all the better. I resign the determination of the meritoriousness of the work herein to your care and custody.

Expect nothing more than that which I cannot bare not to say. My primary interests, thematically speaking, are politics, history, economics, cultures, and the various intersections of these inconstant disciplines. That said, I mean not to avoid other topics, even the meanest, that strike me as topical. Scrutinizing the contemporary with the assistance of the infrequently regarded, but still extant, wisdom of our progenitors is a privilege reserved for the well read but poorly socialized.

Should you find my views replant or feel you have been tainted by my heretical intemperance, I thank you; the partial reduction of your sanctimonious repose is the sanguinary manna that enervates my spirit. Should you endeavor to revenge yourself by casting stones, the highest honor that can be bestowed by an illiberal audience to an unapologetic blasphemer, I warmly welcome your exertions. It is prudent to have the material strength of one’s wit measured by its resilience to blunt trauma. My wit notwithstanding, I caution you that I too have the stones and arms to arm myself with stones.

Allow me to now assuage your apprehension: I rarely communicate in such a contrived manner. I am frequently rude and crude, thus it seemed prudent to address both faults forthwith. The former by demonstrating my polite desire to gentle the later, and the later by subjecting you to the expatiation of my method for circumscribing the former. Recall, then, when I am boorish that I might have been verbose, when acerbic that I might have been pedantic.

If, after suffering through my incoherent screed, you have still not been deterred from the interest to read, you must either posses a determined spirit or a predilection for intellectual masochism. Welcome, but remember that I do not view favorably those who are disposed to listen to me. Though I labor to be heard, I bitterly regret the reverberation of my declamations, for every man that hears might come to agree, and so alas, there is created one fewer with whom I may disagree.


Your friend,